• Conferene Management – CPO HANSER SERVICE steht Ihnen zur Seite.
  • Destination Management – CPO HANSER SERVICE ist vertraut.
  • Event und Incentive Management – CPO HANSER SERVICE setzt Sie in Szene.
  • Association Management – CPO HANSER SERVICE vernetzt ihr Wissen.


CPO HANSER SERVICE is at your Side.

Would you like to hold a meeting or manage a conference for your company, business or association? Either in your local area or on the other side of the planet?

The world is in the palm of your hand. While you take care of the content, we will turn your conference into a success.

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CPO HANSER SERVICE – a trusted Company.

Emotions and success.
We know our way around the most diverse cities in Europe for events, conferences and incentives. Our selection of an appropriate destination is always based on the emotion that has to be conveyed.

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CPO HANSER SERVICE sets the Stage for you.

Exchange. Inspiration. 
Are you planning a special event for your company or a client?
CPO HANSER SERVICE organises incentives and events where people can exchange thoughts and ideas and forge new relationships.

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CPO HANSER SERVICE creates Networks.

Your association should be organised and managed by professionals.
CPO HANSER SERVICE can support your front office or act as the front office for your association.

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Upcoming conferences

Congress on Adiposity in Women´s Health

31.01. – 01.02.2020 | Frankfurt/Main, Germany

2nd Joint Congress of DGBP and AGNP

04.03. – 06.03.2020 | Berlin, Germany


Knowledge Management at CPO 

Training and education, lifelong learning, knowledge transfer and e-learning
– CPO HANSER SERVICE supports its clients in the area of knowledge management.

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Corporate Social Responsibility at CPO 

has a responsibility to society.

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