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Interdisciplinary congresses

Interdisciplinary Congresses

Hermann Hanser

Hermann Hanser



Barsbüttel | Berlin

2018 played a significant role in the field of medicine as the concern of many science professors was heard, and new interdisciplinary congresses were established. This meant that the various specialist topics would no longer be considered individually, but instead the substantive issues of different scientific fields would be linked together and discussed with societal demands. 

Hermann Hanser took it upon himself to make these ideas a reality by founding several advisory boards with numerous professors.

CPO HANSER SERVICE GmbH, which is based in both Berlin and Barsbüttel, has many years of experience in the conception and strategic development of medical events.

Impressions SMHS 2021
Impressions SMHS 2021
Impressions SMHS 2021

Since 2018, managing directors Inge and Hermann Hanser have been developing the SMHS Sports, Medicine and Health Summit for the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP), which had to be postponed twice due to the pandemic and finally took place as a virtual congress from the 20th – 24th of April 2021.

"Their version has taken the DGSP congress format to a new level of professionalism and interdisciplinarity", said DGSP Executive Director Daniel Schmidt.

By signing the Hamburg Declaration during the Sports, Medicine and Health Summit, more than 50 national and international organizations, professional societies and sports federations have pledged to make a high-profile statement against physical inactivity in society

Andy Grote, Senator of the Ministry of the Interior and Sports, signing the Hamburg Declaration

Andy Grote, Senator of the Ministry of the Interior and Sports, Hamburg

CPO HANSER SERVICE is planning on bringing the Hamburg Declaration to life. The next sports summit will be taking place in 2023 in Hamburg, the only German city to have been named a Global Active City.

Other new interdisciplinary congresses will follow. CPO HANSER SERVICE will be hosting the BBS Berlin Brain Summit in 2022, which will bring together neurologists, psychiatrists and pharmacists to discuss health policy challenges with partners from the pharmaceutical industry.
Another congress with social significance is the Deutsche Pflegetag, which CPO organizes annually. The congress, which focuses on nursing is set to take place from  the 13th to the 15th of October 2021 in the City Cube Berlin. CPO HANSER SERVICE acts as an organizer and shareholder of the Deutsche Pflegetag Servicegesellschaft.

Hermann Hanser: "We expect to achieve a great deal of media attention, which is particularly important for nursing".

Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2020 Logo

Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 

Congress of the DGSP | Congress of Exercise is Medicine Europe | Symposium AG – Diabetes, Sport and Exercise


Deutscher Pflegetag 2020 Logo

Deutscher Pflegetag 

The leading industry event for caregiving in Germany



Berlin Brain Summit 2021 Logo

Berlin Brain Summit 

Interdisciplinary forum for the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders


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