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Our case studies and expert articles

Looking to the future 2021 and beyond – Programming your future event.

Expert article by Katrin Suchi, Director of Sales and Marketing, CPO HANSER SERVICE

Reorganized at short notice – the 2020 German Nursing Day completely virtual!

Switching to a digital congress under COVID-19 terms. 

Pre-Recording – The importance of pre-recording and how to do it right.

Expert article by Juliane Heinicke, Senior Project Director, International Congresses, CPO HANSER SERVICE

The future of virtual and hybrid events has only just begun (The PCO | Sep 2020).

Expert article by Sebastian Bernt, CTO CPO HANSER SERVICE 

Organising hybrid and virtual congresses: What to consider?

Expert article by Hermann Hanser, CEO CPO HANSER SERVICE

Congress insight: Organization, significance & future of face-to-face training.

Expert article by Inge Hanser, CEO CPO HANSER SERVICE

COVID-19 – How do you cancel / move a congress with grace?

Expert article by Annelie Schönfeld, Senior Project Manager CPO HANSER SERVICE

Strategic development of a scientific congress

We show how the DGPPN Congress has evolved into Europe’s largest convention in the field of psychiatry, also generating more income for the organisation.

Successful anniversary of the ECP Congress in Bilbao, Spain

We explain how to make the 30th anniversary of the European Congress of Pathology (ECP) a great success even in a lesser-known destination for such events.

Butterfly badges – making a contribution to sustainable event organisation 

A wide range of printed material is still being produced for conventions, most of which is only used for the short duration of the event. Things are then disposed of. This can lead to a large amount of waste in addition to the consumption of resources and environmental pollution during production. Here is an example of how easy it can be to reduce waste.  

Influence of GDPR guidelines on the work of companies and PCOs

Digital systems play an increasingly important role in modern data processing. For companies and PCOs, collecting and processing sensitive data is faster and easier than ever before. Data protection is a top priority at CPO HANSER SERVICE. We support our partners and customers in their efforts to comply with data protection guidelines. 

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