CPD, training and coaching

We are convinced – the mixture has to be right!

Our staff come from many walks of life and have gained personal experience in the following roles:


  • Certified professional congress organisers
  • Event managers
  • Hotel managers
  • Marketing experts
  • Media designers
  • IT specialists
  • Programmers
  • Accountants

We give our employees a high degree of freedom in their work and allow them to act independently. This includes agreeing flexible working hours so that they can strike the balance between their family life and their professional life. This motivates them to achieve their best.

Our goals are supported by continuous professional development, training and personal coaching to benefit our staff. CPO HANSER SERVICE supports students at business academies and universities, and the company provides paid internships. Inge Hanser regularly teaches as a guest lecturer for seminars at IAPCO and at INCON University. By constantly promoting the skills of our employees, we are able to secure the continuous development of our company.

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