CPO and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CPO HANSER SERVICE sees itself as a company that does not only focus on economic success when it comes to business.

CPO accepts responsibility for ...

... the satisfaction of participants and our clients (evaluation)moreless

Every event we organise is evaluated.

In coordination with our clients, event participants can be surveyed on request. For medical congresses, this may be done within the framework of awarding CME points, which participants want to receive for their training.

Together with our clients, our staff evaluate each event and provide recommendations for future events. These insights make each of your events more successful than the last.

                             We Organise your Success.

... the improvement of quality standards (quality management)moreless

CPO HANSER SERVICE is a member of leading associations and organisations in the meetings, conferences and incentives industry, such as

  • IAPCO (International Association of Professional Congress Organisers)
  • ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association)
  • SITE (Society for Incentive Travel Executives)

as well as German institutions such as the GCB (German Convention Bureau). It also supports the Berlin Convention Office and the Hamburg Convention Bureau.

Inge Hanser served as president of IAPCO for four years and as a board member of ICCA for six years.

Hermann Hanser was a member of the GCB Board of Directors for 27 years; he was also co-founder and president of the Berlin Convention Office and president of the Hamburg Convention Bureau.

In a large number of initiatives, both the managing directors have played a part in defining guidelines for improved quality management in industry companies and establishing new standards. CPO HANSER SERVICE has built a solid name for itself around the world, and the company is committed to maintaining this reputation.

... the safety of participants and our clients (risk management)moreless

With your order to plan and organise your event / your conference, you are giving us your utmost trust.

Wherever we are planning an event, we will check and evaluate the security of the local environment in cooperation with the local authorities. It is not possible to carry out a safe event everywhere in the world. Our aim is to do everything possible to ensure that event participants are safe and feel safe.

Many clients trust us with a large financial budget. We are extremely responsible with their money. Regular financial control protects our clients - and us - from unpleasant surprises. A close assessment of the revenue and expenditure for an event is at the heart of our approach. We see it as our duty to keep our clients informed at all times. We arrive at decisions together with them as a matter of course.
How do we protect the funds entrusted to us, such as conference income generated by registration fees and sponsor donations?

For each event, we set up a separate account that is managed independently of the company accounts belonging to CPO HANSER SERVICE. The funds paid into such an account are only used for the event in question. Any expected surpluses are paid out at certain intervals to our conference clients. Invoices issued by CPO are assessed by independent auditors.

CPO HANSER SERVICE has healthy financial reserves and strong company finances. The managing partners Inge and Hermann Hanser are liable with their private assets. Cash held in banks and real estate secures CPO HANSER SERVICE. Banks and national or international agencies for business information can provide you with information at any time.

Our clients can trust us.

... the professional growth of our employees (development, training and coaching)moreless

The development and professional advancement of our staff is an important topic for us.

CPO employees regularly take part in professional training activities and attend educational courses. Employees with a high level of responsibility also have the support of a coach. This allows them to act independently and make the right decisions.

Flexible working hours enable the balancing of work and family life.

We continue to grow constantly, but not at an excessive pace, thus ensuring the future of the company and the security of jobs.

... protecting nature and the environment (green meetings)moreless

CPO HANSER SERVICE embraces its responsibility when it comes to observing environmental standards when events are carried out. This includes only booking spaces and bedrooms in convention centres and hotels that meet local environmental standards over the long term. The culinary offer should mainly consist of regional products in order to avoid high food miles.

CPO follows the guidelines of the German Convention Bureau for green meetings.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge and activities as an environmentally aware company, especially the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Improving air and water quality
  • Water storage
  • Waste reduction
  • Environmentally sustainable business and consumer behaviour
... supporting social projectsmoreless

Managing partner Hermann Hanser has been active as an honorary local politician for playgroups, schools and social institutions for over a decade in his home town in Schleswig-Holstein. CPO HANSER SERVICE supports the following institutions and initiatives:

  • The foundation Achtung! Kinderseele
  • Sternenbrücke Hamburg, a children's hospice
  • Gewalt gegen Kinder und Jugendliche – an initiative of the Berlin Office for Health and Consumer Protection to combat violence towards young people
  • The initiative against violence towards women Kommt nicht in die Tüte
  • Die TAFEL - a cross-regional initiative to distribute donations of food and drink parcels to people in need
  • Various initiatives to promote good mental health


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